Timing and synchronization portfolio

Precise, accurate time enables virtually all infrastructures such as data centers, wired and wireless communications, financial exchanges, industrial networks, smart power grid, and other secure communications. More

Providing resilient timing for critical infrastructures

Timing and synchronization are indispensable in our increasingly digital, networked world. Achieving highly accurate precision time is no easy feat from a technology perspective, so it’s important to find a resource you can trust. More

MHM 2020 Active Hydrogen Maser

Capable of achieving <3 × 10-16 daily drift rates along with improved environmental stability, the MHM-2020 has been designed for applications requiring extreme frequency stability and low phase noise. More

SyncSystem 4380A – Master Timing Reference

Master Timing Reference – The SyncSystem 4380A provides superior time and frequency performance in a highly configurable 1U rack-mountable package. More

Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC - SA.3Xm)

SA.31m, SA.33m & SA.35m - Rubidium Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC - SA.3Xm) features compact design and low power consumption. More

BlueSky GNSS Firewall

Protects GPS Systems against spoofing and jamming threats. Similar to a network firewall, the BlueSky GNSS Firewall protects systems inside the firewall from untrusted sky-based signals outside the firewall. More

SyncServer S80 – Fully Integrated GPS NTP Time Server

NTP Server designed for video surveillance and physical security networks. The Microchip's – Microsemi SyncServer S80 is a fully integrated GPS/GLONASS antenna, receiver. More

Microsemi has recently been acquired by Microchip

Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of microcontroller, analog, memory and Flash-IP solutions, providing low-risk product development, lower system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide. More

SyncServer S600 and S650 model comparison

Time and frequency signals to your mission critical instrumentation systems with SyncServer S650 and improve security, accuracy and reliability of time services on your Enterprise IT network with SyncServer S600. More

SyncServer S650 – Accurate, secure and flexible time and frequency standard

The new SyncServer S650 time and frequency Instrument provides unprecedented synchronization flexibility and performance using Microchip (Microsemi) FlexPortTM technology. More

SyncServer S600 – High performance, enhanced security network time server

The new SyncServer S600 network time server with security-hardened NTP ReflectorTM technology improves the security, accuracy and the reliability of the time services on the network. More

5071A – Primary Cesium Frequency Standard

Microchip (Microsemi) 5071A primary frequency standard delivers unsurpassed accuracy, stability, and reliability for the most demanding laboratory and field applications. More

NTP Network time servers – Product list

Microchip (Microsemi) is the world's leading source of timing and syncronization solutions, keeping networks, operations and applications running smoothly across all industries – NTP Network time servers More

Time and frequency sources – Product list

Microchip (Microsemi) is the world's leading source of timing and synchronization solutions, keeping networks, operations, and applications running smoothly across all industries. More

Frequency standards – Product list

Our Hydrogen, Cesium and Rubidium standards, and quartz oscillators support more military communications, satellite ground stations, and test & measurement applications than any other precision frequency references in the world. More

Distribution amplifiers and accessories – Product list

Microchip (Microsemi) offers a variety of products to complete your GPS-based system that are designed to support the unique requirements of a communication network. More

Phase noise measurements – Product list

Microchip (Microsemi’s) digital, state-of-the-art test sets bring a paradigm shift to the way that phase noise and ADEV measurements are made – Phase noise measurements More

Microchip (Microsemi) 3120A High performance phase noise test probe

The programmable high-performance Microchip (Microsemi) 3120A Phase Noise Test Probe measures the amplitude, phase, and frequency stability of RF sources and two-port devices at frequencies from 0.5 MHz to 30 MHz More

5120A and 5125A Phase noise and Allen deviation test sets

One Box Solution – The innovative 5120A combines sophisticated timing technologies into a single advanced instrument, which integrates all required measurement functionality into a one box solution, requiring no calibration or configuration More

4036B RF Distribution amplifier

The 4036B provides fifteen outputs from a single input for distributing RF signals in laboratory, factory, and test and measurement environments where low phase noise and high channel isolation are required. More

4033A RF Distribution amplifier

The 4033A provides fifteen outputs from a single input for distributing standard clock and other pulse rate signals in laboratory, factory, and test and measurement environments. More

4037A L1/L2 Distribution amplifier

The 4037A provides sixteen outputs from a single input for distributing signals communication systems, satellite earth stations, test facilities and engineering laboratories. More

4091A Rackmount fault sense switch

The 4091A is a 1U rackmount fault sense switch that accepts two RF inputs and produces eight outputs (chosen from the two inputs). In Auto mode, the unit automatically switches upon failure of the selected input. More

4059B Low frequency distribution amplifier for IRIG A/B or G time

The 4059B provides fifteen isolated outputs from a single input for distributing IRIG A/B or G timecode signals. More

9611B Intelligent switch and distribution system

The 9611B switch and distribution system is an intelligent switching, monitoring and distribution system, packaged in a 1U rack-mount chassis. More

6502B Ten channel RF distribution amplifier

The 6502B delivers a centralized reference signal to up to 100 different equipment stations without degrading the signal or creating crosstalk. More

5087B Wideband distribution amplifier

The 5087B is versatile, economical solution for standards laboratories that need simultaneous calibration of multiple test equipment. More

GPS In-line lightning arrestor

Microchip (Microsemi's) GPS In-line lightning arrestors will protect your systems from lightning damage. More

GPS L1 In-line amplifier

GPS L1 Inline amplifier is a simple and elegant solution to extend the GPS antenna length of 91 meters. More

L1 GPS Antenna Down/Up converter

The L1 GPS Antenna Down/Up Converter may also work with non- Microchip (Microsemi, Symmetricom) L1 GPS receivers. The signal output from the converter is L1 C/A code that can be decoded by any L1 GPS receiver. More

SA.45s Chip ccale atomic clock (CSAC)

The SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) is the world’s first commercially available chip scale atomic clock, enabling a new class of atomic clock applications, defined by portability. More

CsIII Cesium frequency standard

Microchip (Microsemi) CsIII is a lightweight, compact, economical cesium frequency standard. The technology developed for the CsIII is an evolutionary step forward in the quest for higher stability, lower phase noise, and longer life. More

Cs4000 Cesium frequency standard

The Cs4000 meets the challenges of laboratory standards, satcom terminals, mobile communications systems and a wide variety of test and measurement applications. More

The world runs on Microchip time – Cesium and rubidium frequency standards

Dependable, reliable, accurate and stable frequency standards for navigation, communications and timing applications – Cesium and rubidium frequency standards More

1000C Ultra high performance crystal oscillator

Using high-performance SC-cut quartz crystal resonators, the 1000C exhibits aging rates as low as 5E-11/day after years of continuous operation – 1000C Ultra high performance crystal oscillator More

4145C Quartz ultra clean-up oscillator

Improves Cesium reference performance by filtering phase noise and Allan deviation – 4145C Quartz ultra clean-up oscillator More

Microsemi MHM 2010 – Active hydrogen maser

The most challenging scientific applications require the most stable performance – Microchip (Microsemi, Symmetricom's) MHM 2010 Active hydrogen maser More

8040C Rubidium frequency standard

The Microchip (Microsemi) 8040C provides a stable and accurate frequency reference with multiple output signal formats in an easy to install 1U rack-mountable chassis. More

AOG-110 Auxiliary output generator

Microchip (Microsemi) Auxiliary output generator, designated the AOG-110, solves performance and capability issues associated with the use of high stability frequency standards. More

Microchip offers cesium tube replacement for most instruments (DRCBT)

Microchip (Microsemi, Symmetricom's) Cesium beam tube replacement services offer you both time and cost savings – Don't risk an unscheduled service interruption. More

GPS and time code instrumentation

From minimal infrastructure investment to missile launches we offer GPS and time code instrumentation solutions for multiple applications and a wide customer base. More

XLi IEEE 1588 Grandmaster

When you synchronize your time with nanosecond accuracy through your ethernet, you gain major cost savings versus using a separate time distribution network – XLi IEEE 1588 Grandmaster More

Microsemi (Symmetricom) – Leading the world in precise time solutions

Protect your IT enterprise systems with secure, precise, automatic and reliable time synchronization – Microsemi's (Symmetricom) precise time solutions More

SyncServer S100 – GPS network time server designed for small and medium sized enterprises – Enterprise class

The SyncServer S100 is a GPS network time server designed for small and medium sized enterprises that require extremely accurate and reliable time delivered to their clients, servers and workstations from a highly-responsive NTP service. More

SyncServer S200 High performance GPS network time server – Enterprise class

Microsemi high-performance SyncServer S200 is ready to support the expanding technological requirements of large enterprises, ready to protect the integrity of valuable records. More

SyncServer S300 
High performance, enhanced security GPS network time server – Enterprise class

Faster, more accurate, more secure, increased redundancy, and maximum reliability – these features all contribute to higher levels of performance and assure optimal integrity within the Next Generation IT network – SyncServer S300 More

Microsemi (Symmetricom) network time servers – Comprehensive network time synchronization solutions

Your IT network deserves the highest performing, most flexible, easiest to manage, most secure and provably accurate network timekeeping – Microsemi's (Symmetricom) network time servers More

Next Generation ready GPS Network Time Server – SyncServer S250

SyncServer S250 is a GPS NTP server with multiple and versatile timing configurations. It provides ultra precise time and frequency outputs and redundant back-up, essential for Next Generation IT networks. More

SyncServer S350 SAASM

Versatile network time servers are often needed to meet the requirements for demanding, high performance network time synchronization as well as supply traditional time and frequency technology – SyncServer S350 SAASM More

SyncServer S350 Versatile and comprehensive GPS network time server

The SyncServer S350TM provides unsurpassed NTP performance for the IT network while being the most versatile time server in the world for traditional time and frequency applications. More

Domain Time II Network time synchronization software

Domain Time II Software – Synchronization Software Suite – Precise Time Synchronization for the Entire Enterprise More

Audit server for Domain Time II software

Verifiable Audit Trail of Time Synchronization on Your Network – Audit server for Domain Time II software More

Microchip (Microsemi) product list

With timing, frequency and synchronization solutions so precise they help define the world’s standards – Microsemi More

Microchip (Microsemi) – Perfect timing!

We did not invent time. We perfected it. With innovative applications and professional services that heighten your efficiency, exactly when you need it – Timing, frequency and synchronization solutions More

Microchip (Microsemi) network time servers

Computer networks – Time synchronisation to the nearest millisecond using the NTP protocol. A time server receives the exact time directly from cesium, rubidium atomic clocks located on GPS satellites and transmits it to the computers on a network. More

The World’s Timekeeper

Microchip (Microsemi, Symmetricom) is the world’s leading source of highly precise timekeeping technologies, instruments, and solutions More

Precision frequency standards

Microchip (Microsemi) designs, manufactures and markets hydrogen, cesium and rubidium standards, and quartz oscillators in numerous configurations for multiple markets and applications. More

Microchip (Microsemi) phase noise measurements

Phase noise measurements – Multiple timing technologies integrated in a single instrument More

Microchip (Microsemi) GPS and time code instrumentation

From minimal infrastructure investment to missile launches we offer GPS and time code instrumentation solutions for multiple applications and a wide customer base More