Rubidium Miniature Atomic Clock

Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC - SA.3Xm)

SA.31m, SA.33m & SA.35m - Rubidium Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC - SA.3Xm) features compact design and low power consumption. More
MHM 2020 Active Hydrogen Maser

MHM 2020 Active Hydrogen Maser

Capable of achieving <3 × 10-16 daily drift rates along with improved environmental stability, the MHM-2020 has been designed for applications requiring extreme frequency stability and low phase noise. More

SyncSystem 4380A_Master Timing Reference

SyncSystem 4380A – Master Timing Reference

Master Timing Reference – The SyncSystem 4380A provides superior time and frequency performance in a highly configurable 1U rack-mountable package. More

Chip scale atomic clock, CSAC, Microsemi

SA.45s Chip ccale atomic clock (CSAC)

The SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) is the world’s first commercially available chip scale atomic clock, enabling a new class of atomic clock applications, defined by portability. More

Frequency standards, Microsemi

The world runs on Microchip time – Cesium and rubidium frequency standards

Dependable, reliable, accurate and stable frequency standards for navigation, communications and timing applications – Cesium and rubidium frequency standards More

5071A, Cesium primary frequency standard, Microsemi

5071A – Primary Cesium Frequency Standard

Microchip (Microsemi) 5071A primary frequency standard delivers unsurpassed accuracy, stability, and reliability for the most demanding laboratory and field applications. More

Cs4000 Cesium frequency standard, Microsemi

Cs4000 Cesium frequency standard

The Cs4000 meets the challenges of laboratory standards, satcom terminals, mobile communications systems and a wide variety of test and measurement applications. More

CsIII Cesium Frequency Standard, Microsemi

CsIII Cesium frequency standard

Microchip (Microsemi) CsIII is a lightweight, compact, economical cesium frequency standard. The technology developed for the CsIII is an evolutionary step forward in the quest for higher stability, lower phase noise, and longer life. More

1000C Crystal Oscillator, Microsemi

1000C Ultra high performance crystal oscillator

Using high-performance SC-cut quartz crystal resonators, the 1000C exhibits aging rates as low as 5E-11/day after years of continuous operation – 1000C Ultra high performance crystal oscillator More

4145C Quartz oscillator, Microsemi

4145C Quartz ultra clean-up oscillator

Improves Cesium reference performance by filtering phase noise and Allan deviation – 4145C Quartz ultra clean-up oscillator More

8040C Rubidium frequency standard, Microsemi

8040C Rubidium frequency standard

The Microchip (Microsemi) 8040C provides a stable and accurate frequency reference with multiple output signal formats in an easy to install 1U rack-mountable chassis. More

MHM 2010 Active hydrogen maser, Microsemi

Microsemi MHM 2010 – Active hydrogen maser

The most challenging scientific applications require the most stable performance – Microchip (Microsemi, Symmetricom's) MHM 2010 Active hydrogen maser More

AOG 110 Auxiliary output generator, Microsemi

AOG-110 Auxiliary output generator

Microchip (Microsemi) Auxiliary output generator, designated the AOG-110, solves performance and capability issues associated with the use of high stability frequency standards. More

Cesium beam tube, DRCBT, Microsemi

Microchip offers cesium tube replacement for most instruments (DRCBT)

Microchip (Microsemi, Symmetricom's) Cesium beam tube replacement services offer you both time and cost savings – Don't risk an unscheduled service interruption. More

Precision frequency standards, Microsemi

Frequency standards – Product list

Our Hydrogen, Cesium and Rubidium standards, and quartz oscillators support more military communications, satellite ground stations, and test & measurement applications than any other precision frequency references in the world. More