5087B Wideband distribution amplifier

The 5087B is versatile, economical solution for standards laboratories that need simultaneous calibration of multiple test equipment.

5087B Wideband distribution amplifier, Microsemi

Due to a type upgrade, it is not available in the EU.
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The 5087B wideband distribution amplifier distributes signals from various frequency standards such as Cesium, Rubidium, Quartz or GPS receivers. With a 12-channel wideband sine wave distribution capability, the 5087B can connect all test equipment in a rack to the same frequency source.

Designed for Accuracy
High output-to-output isolation and output to-input isolation keeps the effects of “accidents" from propagating to other channels or upstream to the frequency standard. For example, if an output is accidentally shorted or someone connects an active signal to the output of the distribution amplifier, the effect is minimized on any other output.

Fault Monitoring
Front panel lights provide amplifier status at a glance. Indicators include power, alarm, input, and all 12 outputs. An alarm occurs whenever there is loss of input signal, or loss of any of the 12 outputs. The alarm signal can be connected to audible or visible alarms, or logically “Ored" to other alarms.

Ethernet Remote Control
Ethernet connectivity provides full remote control and monitoring of the amplifier, including checking status and alarm conditions.

Key Features

  • 12 Channel Wideband Sine Wave Distribution
  • +13 dBm to +22.5 dBm Adjustable Output Power
  • Accepts +3 to +22.5 dBm Inputs
  • Input AGC Maintains Output Level with Varying Input Level
  • High Isolation/Low Cross-talk Between Outputs
  • Low Additive Phase Noise
  • Front Panel Status Indicators for Health Monitoring at a Glance
  • Ethernet Port for Remote Control and Monitoring
  • Fault Alarm Output