Time and frequency sources – Product list

Microchip (Microsemi) is the world's leading source of timing and synchronization solutions, keeping networks, operations, and applications running smoothly across all industries.

Time and frequency systems, Microsemi

Perfect timing. At Microchip (Microsemi), it is more than a slogan. Around the world, Microchip products provide the accuracy and precision required to set the clocks of the international timescale.That means millions of people depend on our cesium, rubidium, and quartz frequency reference standards to deliver atomic clock accuracy and reliability. Our timing products support the integrity of IT systems of major, multinational companies on every continent, help deploy satellites, aircraft, power stations, and missiles, and assure the performance of critical applications in government and military communications, metrology, and the aerospace industry.

  • GPS & Time Code Instrumentation
  • XLi – GPS Time & Frequency Receiver
  • XL – GPS Time and Frequency Receiver
  • XLi IEEE 1588 Grandmaster