Microchip offers cesium tube replacement for most instruments (DRCBT)

Microchip (Microsemi, Symmetricom's) Cesium beam tube replacement services offer you both time and cost savings – Don't risk an unscheduled service interruption.

Cesium beam tube, DRCBT, Microsemi

Don't risk an unscheduled service interruption. Unlike hydrogen or rubidium atomic clocks, the cesium will be consumed during normal operation and the tube may only last 8 - 15 years.

Installation of a replacement tube restores your cesium instrument's tube performance and can extend your cesium instrument's life span at a fraction of the cost of a new instrument.

The appropriate high or standard performance replacement cesium beam tube meets or exceeds the original performance levels when all other components of the instrument perform to original specifications.

We offer cesium beam tube replacement for all Microchip (Microsemi, Symmetricom) cesium instruments and many models of cesium instruments formerly manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Datum.

Key benefits of Cesium Clocks

  • Reliable, accurate, and stable frequency

  • Stand-alone dependability, easy to use and install

  • Tubes have a 5 - 12 year warranty and replacement can extend the life of the instrument

  • Replacement tube meets or exceeds original performance specifications