Cs4000 Cesium frequency standard

The Cs4000 meets the challenges of laboratory standards, satcom terminals, mobile communications systems and a wide variety of test and measurement applications.

Cs4000 Cesium frequency standard, Microsemi

The Microchip (Microsemi) Cs4000 is a new cesium frequency standard platform that provides exceptional performance in a configurable 3U rackmount chassis.
The Cs4000 is designed for high precision timing and frequency applications requiring high stability, low noise RF and 1PPS reference signals. Microchip (Microsemi, Symmetricom's) advanced Cesium III digital technology is the engine that drives this exceptional performance.

The Cs4000 includes a new color front panel Graphical User Interface (GUI) that provides easy to use monitoring and control of the instrument. All functional control of the cesium and optional output cards are managed via the front panel GUI. The GUI is a touch panel LCD screen that provides easy at a glance access to cesium health, control and configuration data.

Remotely, you now have two methods of interfacing with the Cs4000. A new Ethernet interface provides monitoring capability via an embedded web page server. Both static IP and DHCP are supported. The Cs4000 also provides an RS-232 port that allows the user comprehensive monitor and control access via ASCII commands or via Symmetricoms Monitor 3 windows based utility program.

The Cs4000 is designed to provide standard and custom output signal formats. The standard outputs include 100kHz, 1, 5, 10MHz and 1PPS. Optional outputs include T1 and E1 both of which support multiple signaling and alarming formats.
Realizing that custom signaling is part of many system designs, the Cs4000 has a custom output area that can support most signaling requirements. Because of this, the standard output signals are not affected and can be utilized along with whatever custom format is required.