GPS L1 In-line amplifier

GPS L1 Inline amplifier is a simple and elegant solution to extend the GPS antenna length of 91 meters.

GPS L1, Inline antenna amplifier kit, Microsemi

Cable length is a common source of signal loss between a GPS antenna and the receiver. As with any electromagnetic radio wave, GPS signals become attenuated as they are passed through an electrical cable. The amount of signal loss depends on the type and length of the cable used.

In some Microchip (Microsemi) GPS receivers, when the antenna cable length exceeds 150 feet, signal strength can drop below the receiver’s ability to track the signal. The inline amplifier mitigates this problem by amplifying the GPS signal and permitting a longer antenna cable. The inline amplifier attaches directly in line with the antenna cable and uses the same power as the antenna; no extra wiring required.

Key Features

  • Extended GPS Antenna Cable Length Up to 300 Feet (91 m) 
  • Fits in Line With the Antenna Cable 
  • No External Power Source Required 
  • Simple Installation