SyncServer S350 Versatile and comprehensive GPS network time server

The SyncServer S350TM provides unsurpassed NTP performance for the IT network while being the most versatile time server in the world for traditional time and frequency applications.

S350 GPS Network Time Server, Microsemi

The SyncServer S350 is being discontinued. 
The replacement model is the new SyncServer S650.

Designed for large or expanding IT enterprises 
Provides unsurpassed NTP performance for the IT network 
Sets new standards for security, accuracy, reliability, redundancy and versatility in network time servers.


  • All the features of the S300 plus.

  • Timecode I/O (IRIG A, B, E, G, NASA36,XR2,2137)

  • AM or DCLS timecode signals
  • 1PPS Input/Output

  • 10 MHz Input/Output

  • Optional T1/E1 Input/Output
  • Optional IEEE 1588/PTP Upgrade

  • User configurable reference priority

  • All S300 Features