5071A – Primary Cesium Frequency Standard

Microchip (Microsemi) 5071A primary frequency standard delivers unsurpassed accuracy, stability, and reliability for the most demanding laboratory and field applications.

5071A, Cesium primary frequency standard, Microsemi

Metrology and Calibration Labs
The 5071 offers exceptional frequency stability which is a key specification that directly affects a laboratory's ability to deliver timekeeping and calibration services to its clients.

With a stability specification for 30-day averaging time, the 5071A can keep extremely predictable time and phase for long periods. 
Further, the 5071A can be used for long-term averaging of noisy signals such as GPS. 

Performance suited to advanced communications and tracking systems 
Stable frequency generation and frequency flexibility are required to transmit and receive signals properly between ground terminals and communication satellites. The 5071A's state-of-the art technology produces offset and primary frequencies with the same guaranteed stability.