Distribution amplifiers and accessories – Product list

Microchip (Microsemi) offers a variety of products to complete your GPS-based system that are designed to support the unique requirements of a communication network.

Distribution amplifiers accessories, Microsemi

1U Distribution Amplifiers
Accurate, centralized reference signals for the communications marketplace – Microchip (Microsemi’s) 1U Rack Mount Time & Frequency Distribution units deliver precision reference signals to multiple equipment stations without degrading the signal or creating crosstalk.

Supporting the unique requirements of your Communications Network

  • 4033A RF Distribution Amplifier
  • 4036B RF Distribution Amplifier
  • 4037A L1/L2 Distribution Amplifier
  • 4059B Low Frequency Distribution Amplifier for IRIG A/B or G Time
  • 4091A Rackmount Fault Sense Switch
  • 5087B Wideband Distribution Amplifier
  • 6502B Ten Channel RF Distribution Amplifier
  • 9611B Intelligent Switch and Distribution System
  • GPS In-line Lightning Arrestor
  • GPS L1 In-line Amplifier 
  • L1 GPS Antenna Down/Up Converter