SyncServer S300 
High performance, enhanced security GPS network time server – Enterprise class

Faster, more accurate, more secure, increased redundancy, and maximum reliability – these features all contribute to higher levels of performance and assure optimal integrity within the Next Generation IT network – SyncServer S300

S300 GPS Network time server, Microsemi

The SyncServer S300 is being discontinued.
The replacement model is the new SyncServer S600.

High Performance, Enhanced Security GPS Network Time Server
SyncServer® S300 sets standards for security, accuracy, reliability, and redundancy in network time servers.


  • All the features of the S200 plus.

  • 7000 NTP requests/second

  • Modem for dial-up time services

  • Autokey

  • Alarm relays
  • Optional AM radio for time broadcasts

  • Optional IEEE 1588/PTP Upgrade