Product consulting, sales

Timing and synchronization portfolio

Precise, accurate time enables virtually all infrastructures such as data centers, wired and wireless communications, financial exchanges, industrial networks, smart power grid, and other secure communications. More
Product consulting, sales

Providing resilient timing for critical infrastructures

Timing and synchronization are indispensable in our increasingly digital, networked world. Achieving highly accurate precision time is no easy feat from a technology perspective, so it’s important to find a resource you can trust. More

Frequency standards

MHM 2020 Active Hydrogen Maser

Capable of achieving <3 × 10-16 daily drift rates along with improved environmental stability, the MHM-2020 has been designed for applications requiring extreme frequency stability and low phase noise. More

Frequency standards

SyncSystem 4380A – Master Timing Reference

Master Timing Reference – The SyncSystem 4380A provides superior time and frequency performance in a highly configurable 1U rack-mountable package. More

Frequency standards

Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC - SA.3Xm)

SA.31m, SA.33m & SA.35m - Rubidium Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC - SA.3Xm) features compact design and low power consumption. More

Network time servers

BlueSky GNSS Firewall_2

BlueSky GNSS Firewall

Protects GPS Systems against spoofing and jamming threats. Similar to a network firewall, the BlueSky GNSS Firewall protects systems inside the firewall from untrusted sky-based signals outside the firewall. More

Time and frequency sources

GPS, Time code instrumentation, Microsemi

GPS and time code instrumentation

From minimal infrastructure investment to missile launches we offer GPS and time code instrumentation solutions for multiple applications and a wide customer base. More

Distribution amplifiers, accessories

9611B Intelligent switch and distribution system, Microsemi

9611B Intelligent switch and distribution system

The 9611B switch and distribution system is an intelligent switching, monitoring and distribution system, packaged in a 1U rack-mount chassis. More

Phase noise measurements

3120A, Phase noise test probe, Microsemi

Microchip (Microsemi) 3120A High performance phase noise test probe

The programmable high-performance Microchip (Microsemi) 3120A Phase Noise Test Probe measures the amplitude, phase, and frequency stability of RF sources and two-port devices at frequencies from 0.5 MHz to 30 MHz More