Microsemi (Symmetricom) network time servers – Comprehensive network time synchronization solutions

Your IT network deserves the highest performing, most flexible, easiest to manage, most secure and provably accurate network timekeeping – Microsemi's (Symmetricom) network time servers

Precise time solutions, Microsemi

And as Next Generation IT networks grow larger and faster, the need for accurate, reliable and secure time becomes more critical.

Microsemi offers the first comprehensive network time synchronization solutions that are ready for Next Generation Networks. These solutions are critical for network security, server log file accuracy, billing systems, electronic transactions, database integrity, software development, and many more essential applications.

Our network time synchronization products include dedicated GPS network time servers and easy to manage synchronization, management and monitoring software that synchronizes the time on IT devices such as workstations, servers and routers – all designed to improve and secure your IT system's performance.